Homeowners Insurance can cover A LOT of things for A LOT of different reasons. Your house, your garage, your stuff in the house, your stuff in a storage unit, your fence, and the list goes on. It also provides your primary personal liability coverage – dog bite anyone?

To understand all the coverages and perils would be exhausting and is best understood by reviewing your policy in person with your agent.

Let’s turn our attention to something more manageable and digestible. What is NOT covered in your Homeowners Insurance Policy. Let’s take a look at the top 3 things that aren’t covered under your standard Homeowners Policy and what you can do about it.

  1. Flood

I know it’s harsh to start with the F word but we might as well get it out of the way. Whether it’s because the river has risen, the ocean has surged, or the rain has furiously fallen; flood is not covered under your Homeowners Insurance. If the water ran on the ground and into your house your Homeowners Insurance will not provide coverage.

Flood Insurance can be purchased as a separate policy for a separate premium. If you’re in a Flood Zone your lender will require you to obtain and maintain a Flood Insurance Policy with a coverage limit at least equal to the value of your loan.

  1. Sewer Backup

What’s the only thing worse than water in your basement? Sewer water in your basement! The bad news regarding this (other than it’s gross) is that it’s a very common cause of loss. The good news is this coverage can usually be added to your Homeowners policy. This cost in both money and energy are much lower than that of flood insurance. But the key here is THERE’S NO COVERAGE UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY ADD IT.

  1. Jewelry

Another common type of claim results from the loss of a valuable jewelry item. When considering the life of a wedding ring there are a lot of opportunities for something to go wrong. The main diamond falls out. The ring falls off your finger. You take the ring off and it goes missing. The valuable item is targeted and stolen by a thief. The next step of course is to call your agent and submit a claim. The insurance company’s adjustor completes there investigation and issues a check. You open the mail to reveal a check for $1500.00. That’s not what you were expecting given the item cost 10x that amount just a few short years ago. This is not the time to learn that your homeowners insurance limits coverage for jewelry items to about $1500. The automatic jewelry limit included under your Homeowners policy will vary but the moral of the story remains. Itemize your valuable jewelry items if you want the full value to be covered.